Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New home

I now live in a new suburb in a new (old) home with lots of new challenges.  The move went well, it's now about ironing out the endless little things (including a burnt out geyser) and unpacking those (many) boxes...

My friends Cathy and Gisi helped move a load of valuable goodies (think scrapbooking goodies!) before the big moving truck arrived

Richard and Lynn blessed me hugely - by helping with 'handyman' jobs and unpacking my kitchen and scrap room

Moving day.  Shitty day.  Gisi made it a bit easier by spending the day with me, feeding me, comforting me, helping me. 

The mountain of boxes to be unpacked.  I'm now about 70% unpacked and settled in.  I've been uncluttering as I unpack, and will be donating a lot of stuff to the Randburg SPCA shop

The bones of my new scrap room are emerging

and miss Ruby has settled in very well, thank you for asking; she just wants to go and explore outside


  1. Boy, Alison, moving is not fun at all, but at least you also get to declutter as you unpack. Welcome to your new house, may you have many, many happy hours of joy here. xxx

  2. Hey Ali, Your new home is looking really lovely and we were honoured to help you with the HandyMan jobs.

  3. Hi Ali, I wish you lots of happiness in your new home xxx

  4. Wishing lots of happy days in your new home Alison.