Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend in review

My friend Leonie and I attended the Scrapbook Convention at Emperor's Palace on Saturday.  It was a one-day event focusing on mixed media techniques.  I have learnt to go to these events with low expectations, because then I can't be disappointed.  I always enjoy spending time with Leonie, and being around creative people and stuff, so it was a good day for me.

The class by Glenda Viljoen was awesome - she shared a ton of techniques from Ranger University.  I have many of the Tim Holtz products but don't always know how to use them or use them incorrectly.  I learnt so much in her class - local South African scrappers rock!!

This is a canvas mini album, my album cover is pictured below - less stuff and a whole lot simpler than the original!  We got to try out the new pan pastels in this class...not sure that I'll buy them, but glad that I got to play with a new product.  Donna Downey LOVES pan pastels...me - not so much

...and then I spent the whole day packing up on Sunday (ugh!!).  My good friends Lynette and Andy helped me with this monster job.  I am such a bad packer and I lose interest quickly.  The big truck arrives on Monday morning so I can't dawdle too much. 

My new home has been painted out and the wooden floors have been fitted in the bedrooms.  It's looking lovely.  I can't wait to live in this beautiful space

this beautiful shout of red and orange was waiting to welcome me at the entrance to my new home... hello


  1. Sounds like it was another nice experience at the Scrapbook Convention.
    Exciting times ahead Alison, with you moving into your new house. Cannot wait to see it.

  2. I have heard rave reviews about the convention...and I love the look of the canvas album...I am also starting (slowly) to play with mixed media.