Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mixed media artwork

A while ago, I started dabbling in art journalling, but I'm far too structured and orderly and neat to be able to create anything really meaningful.  I need to loosen up!  In lots of different ways. 

So I took the day off on Monday to attend a mixed media class at the seedpod studio in Broadacres. I loved it.  I learnt a lot of techniques that can be used in my art journalling, and I discovered lots of 'new to me' products that I've never used before, things like gesso and scumble glaze.  The course is based on the work of Kelly Rae Roberts.

the seedpod studio

my work in progress

Michelle helps me with the eyes

my masterpiece

a few of the other artworks

I made this to remind myself that at heart, I am an artist, NOT a corporate slave