Friday, November 11, 2011

11 things on 11/11/11

1. Meals : SERV'D are delivering my dinners for the whole of November.  I love the convenience of not having to cook every night.  The meals are ok, not as great as they look on the website.  It's all good

 2. Hair : 2 hairstyles in 1 week.  Yep - I have permed my usually very straight hair.  I haven't had a perm in many years.  The lotion still smells like rotten eggs!  I'm not sure that I love the perm, but hair grows, so no big deal

 3. Shoes : I love Tsonga, Froggie and Green Cross shoes.  These gorgeous leather beauties are by Tsonga, shoes that are handstitched by women in Kwa-Zulu Natal

 4. Fitness : after a very active holiday in Italy, I crashed when I got back home with a monster workload waiting for me.  I'm slowly starting to move more again

5. Reading : I love books that have an African theme.  The books by Alexander McCall Smith about the 'No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" are all wonderful

6. Sipping : I'm loving the new cappuchino cafe latte from Woolworths - best served ice cold in the summer heat

7.  Creative : I'm creating a mini album for my mom as part of her Christmas gift.  I love working in this small size

8.  Embossing : why don't I have a heat embossing machine??  Can't believe that I never bought one years ago when all my friends got theirs!  I have fallen in love with the embossing effect, and now I'm battling to buy a heat embossing machine.  Sooo frustrating!

9.  Christmas gifts : I'm slowly working on getting all the gifts that I want for my special people.  These Consol glass jars have a chalk board on the side to write sweet messages on.  These jars will be filled with yummy sweets and given to my employees 

10. New diary : I LOVE a new diary.  It holds so much potential and possibility and hope for the new year.  What will I do in 2012, where will I go, what lunches with friends and spa days will I enjoy.

11 : Love : and finally, I'm so in love with my kitties.  This is miss Ruby.  I battle to get any photo's of miss Bella, because she is so shy.  My kitties give me unconditional love, they are my companions,  they make me laugh and they really do comfort me when things get crazy in my life.  LOVE you babies!

Have a great 11/11/11!