Friday, October 2, 2015

Masterchef restaurant

As my 50th birthday year draws to a close, I'm focusing on doing a few different things.  I don't eat out a lot but when I do, we usually go to the same places.  For a change, my friend Cathy and I booked to go to Aarya in Montecasino, the restaurant opened by the first South African Masterchef winner - Deena Naidoo.
Before we met for dinner, I went to see the Pieter Dirk Uys show (it was excellent) and then met Cathy for dinner at Aarya's.
Disappointed summarises the experience.  The restaurant was very empty with few tables set up for service - it was very strange.  The food was good, but nothing special that we couldn't get at one of our regular favourite restaurants.  We shared a lamb rack and pork ribs - delicious but nothing mastercheffy about it.  The only menu items which could possibly be classified as signature dishes were the curries, but it was too hot to order curry. 
Cathy, Deena Naidoo and I

Cathy's caramel chocolate dessert was delicious

My lemon cheesecake was far too sour and I gave up half way, disappointed.  This lemon-lover could not eat the horribly tangy cheesecake



  1. A pity to hear about your disappointing dining experience. But pleased to hear you enjoyed Tannie Evita.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. I love eating out and then I expect value for money. It is disappointing to hear that a Master chef winner couldn't get it together. Happy that at least your show was a success xx

  3. Always disappointing when you are looking forward to something and then it is disappointing ~ Cathy's dessert looks delicious!! At least Tannie Evita didn't disappoint!

    Love your top Ali.