Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bucket list trip

A trip to Alaska has been on my bucket list for ever.  I've put it off several years in a row because of the poor Rand / Dollar exchange rate (we pay R12 for every 1U$D!!).  As this is a big birthday year for me, and because the Rand will always be weaker than the Dollar, I breathed deeply and booked the trip for 3 weeks in June.  My friend Leonie is joining me on this big adventure; she's a great travel companion, very relaxed and easygoing and adventurous!
I'm trying to pack light, but part of our trip is on a cruise-ship, so we're required to dress formally on 2 evenings, and smart casual on a few other evenings.   I've done 2 previous cruises (in the South China sea and in the Mediterranean sea), so it irritated me when I started getting very stressed last week about what to wear for dinner on the ship.   
My daytime wardrobe is totally sorted - I photographed the various combinations of leisure clothes on my iPhone, which is very helpful.  My formal evening wear is also sorted.  As for the smart casual clothes - meh - whatever!

Miss Ruby is very suspicious about the suitcase and passport!  Shhh - she doesn't know yet that she's going to the kitty hotel while I'm away.  She HATES the kitty hotel!  Last time she stayed there, she refused to come out of the kitty igloo for 2 solid weeks until mom fetched her.  Miss you already my baby!
I'll be on a blog break for a while, see you when I'm back.


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  1. How exciting to be able to tick something off your Bucket List!!!

    Enjoy every minute and take lots of photos ... Can't wait to hear all the stories of your trip.