Sunday, May 24, 2015

Art Journaling

I love being creative.  Together with my faith, it's my therapy and refuge from a very stressful work life.  Scrapbooking is undoubtedly my 'first love' craft, but I also love art journaling and painting and crocheting. 
I scrapbook regularly, but due to time constraints and an overloaded schedule, I sometimes get a bit despondent that I don't do my other crafts regularly enough.  There's just not enough hours in the day to get to everything.  I feel like I just get going with some art journaling and then stop, and then get going and then stop.  This note by Connie Solera resonated deeply with me "I have had a creative practice my entire life and it's filled with gaps, long hiatuses, and abandoned pages -- and that's totally ok.  I'm an artist, not a machine"

One of the blogs I love is Dirty Footprints by Connie Solera.  Here is a lovely post by her of what she's learnt about art journaling and herself as an artist.  I think this also applies to scrapbooking.

 1.  I have had a creative practice my entire life and it's filled with gaps, long hiatuses, and abandoned pages -- and that's totally ok.  I'm an artist, not a machine.

 2.  Great things happen when you just stick to it.  Gosh, there is such a huge difference in skill and style as my art journals progress through the years.  I'm so grateful that I've stuck with this practice for over 20 years!

 3.  I'm a series girl!  In Take A Peek you'll get a glimpse of my Painting The Feminine series, my Grey series, my Healing Journal series, my Oil Pastel series, and many more.  I love to take an idea or concept and explore the hell out of it!

 4.  Experimenting is mandatory as an artist.  I'll be honest, I was cringing my whole way through
episode 2 because that journal is like a mad scientist got her hands on it! I'm all over the place in trying different things out.  But  in retrospect I can see how necessary experimenting was/is in my development as an artist.

 5.  Part of being an artist is just having to make ugly ass shit.  (Sorry, there's no sweeter way to put it.)

 6.  Art journaling for me is all about moving energy and expressing myself in the moment.  I like to keep my supplies and even my techniques simple and direct so the essence of me can flow! flow! flow!

 7.  As vulnerable as I felt sharing an intimate peek into my personal art journals, there was something very cathartic about doing so as well.  I was able to bring light and much needed closure to an era of my life I feel.  Thank you to those who bared witness.

 8.  Without even trying, we tell the story of our lives when we art journal.  This moved me the most when I looked back at my journals.  There are so many pages I can remember exactly where I was -- what I was feeling -- and why I created that page.

 9.  Our mark is sacred.  It doesn't matter if it's pretty or the worst thing you ever did -- those marks you make on paper are sacred.  They are your younger selves whispering "I'm here.  I'm still by your side."

 10.  Art journals are living entities.  They have Souls all of their own.  I'm not being metaphoric when I call them my old friends.

So I'm sticking with my creative life, committed always to trying different things and starting and stopping and starting.  It's ok, I'm not a machine.  I'm an artist.

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  1. What an amazing post my friend ... You are so super talented that I think you need to stick with all the creative stuff you do even if you don't get to it regularly enough ... You are not a machine, you are an artist! and your work is gorgeous.