Saturday, January 4, 2014

Scrapbooking Retreat

The Scrap Addicts group spent our annual Christmas Retreat at Good Shepherd in December.  Lynn decorated the convent scrap room beautifully, and we all wore the compulsory Christmas hats.  Each person designed a scrapbook kit, so we each got 4 new layouts to work on.  As usual, we got so much done over the weekend, and we loved our time together at this beautiful place.

SO happy to be here with some of my favourite people in the world!!

 Lynette and I

with Linda 

Linda's page design  (...ahem, page actually designed by Lynn)

Lynette's page design 

Leonie's page design

Lynn shares her page with us

and this is the page that I designed (thanks Pinterest!)

these monster east African snails were everywhere! We've been coming to the convent for years, and have never seen them before.  They must be terribly destructive to the gardens

you can just see that these ladies are up to no good!




  1. What an amazing weekend. Can't wait for our next trip to The Convent.

  2. I saw all these photos on Lynn's blog. You girls share an amazing friendship. ...cherish it always.