Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hooked on crochet

My late paternal grandmother, Mary, was an awesome handcrafter.  She loved to knit, crochet and bake for the family, and all the grandchildren wore hand made jerseys.  I was unfortunately too young to be interested in crocheting while my granny was alive.  During 2013, I've become addicted to 'hooky', and I'm delighted to discover that I can read crochet patterns quite easily. 
I started off by buying the weekly crochet series "the art of crochet" from CNA - making a sampler blanket of different squares, but after 30 magazines (there are 200 in the series!), it's becoming expensive and the wool is poor quality.  I'm now striking out on my own, using the book '200 blocks' as my roadmap.  
When I meet up with my granny in heaven, we're going to sit under a beautiful old tree, drink tea and crochet.  Love you gran!

 My crochet supplies live in this canvas bag, but it may be too small...

Some of my squares; I have now completed 40 squares! 
My friend, Tanya, has started a handcrafting group that meets about every 6 weeks at her home in Pretoria.  Some of the ladies knit, some crochet and Leonie is doing beading.  We drink lots of coffee, eat delicious cupcakes made by Tanya (check out her facebook page - Blooming Beautiful Bakes) , and indulge in handcrafting, so there is always help available if I get stuck.
Lynn is knitting a baby blanket for her niece in America

Leonie is beading a handtowel

 Tanya is making a beautiful shawl

Tanya's sister Adele is knitting baby bootees

I'm still scrapbooking and doing art journaling; crocheting is just another branch of my creative personality. 

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