Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Scrapbooking : mini travel album

During the December holidays, I've been slowly uncluttering my craft room.  I become very unproductive when there is a lot of 'stuff' lying around, and I found that I was avoiding my craft room, because it was so cluttered.  I've been scrapbooking since 1998, so I have a lot of craft supplies, quite a lot of which I will simply never use.   I also have a fair bit of supplies and paper that is simply out of date. I've been brave and put everything that I don't love into a 'donate' pile for my niece's nursery school.  My 'previously loved' supplies can now go and bless the children at the nursery school.  I still have a long way to go in the quest to unclutter, but my craft room is already feeling lighter, organised and more inviting.  The big challenge for me will be to organize my embellishments - it feels like I have lots of little bits everywhere!
Here is a mini travel album that I finally finished; it was part of the Ali Edwards 'on the road' class when I visited Italy in 2011.  I put  a lot of personal observations and thoughts into this little album, things that wouldn't normally end up on a traditional scrapbooking layout.  I also included several photos which I wouldn't normally put onto a scrap page, like photos of me taking photos!  I decorated the album covers with maps from our trip, and then covered the outside of the album with clear plastic.



  1. Well done my friend ... Decluttering is the way to go.

    I love your album ... it is GORGEOUS!!!! Glad you go it finished.

  2. Wow...all the way in Italy for a class with Ali Edwards...awesome. Gorgeous travel album.