Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Around here

I'm working in hot and sunny Cape Town for a few days...

 This is the view from my bedroom

...and a view of the mountains from the bathroom
(this is the start of the 12 Apostles range of mountains)

and this was sunset at 8.30pm last night!

I'm grateful for enduring friendships.  I had brunch today with a friend that I've known since primary school.  She has a home in Cape Town, but spends most of her time in Ghana where her husband works.  We both still look the same as we did in school, just with added wrinkles and some extra weight.  Today we picked up easy conversation as though we see each other often, even though we don't
I'm so grateful that I have a broad range of friends who support and encourage  and cheer me on.  I hope that I do the same for other people.  I really do try and be an 'encourager and giver of hope' for my family and friends, and the people that I work with
I absolutely do believe that friends are the family that you choose for yourself


  1. have a job with excellent benefits. That is a dream view. So glad you could hook up with an old school friend and that you just picked up where you left off the last time.

  2. Such amazing views and of course I LOVE the sunset picture. Glad that your friendship catch-up went well. There are some people in life that you will always feel comfortable with whether you see them every day or once every couple of years. You certainly are an encourager and giver of hope my friend and I am honoured to have you in my life!!!