Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The 'ing' list

working on counting calories and drinking water and walking regularly

watching the Biggest Loser (big motivation for items listed above!)

listening to Gospel music again (I love the old Hillsongs CD's)

trying to win the paper war in my study - filing is NOT my strong point!

preparing to visit my family this weekend and celebrate Elizabeth's 4th birthday

loving the idea of snail mail, so I'm writing a few 'happy mail' notes and posting them the good old fashioned way

revisiting the art on my bedroom wall - I downloaded the print above from Studio Calico and framed it

continuing to go for regular treatments with my chiropractor, and have frequent deep tissue massages to ease sore shoulders and a bad back

wanting to find a way to support my retired Uncle in Port Elizabeth

laughing at miss Ruby trying to catch the pigeons

brainstorming a scrapbook challenge layout for the Scrap Addicts retreat in September

re-organizing all of my completed scrapbook layouts into albums, and moving things around into albums for Elizabeth and Katy

enjoying a ton of new Sharpie pens in lots of different colours

Go say hello to Kathy and see her 'ing' list which inspired my list... 

What's on your 'ing' list?

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