Sunday, August 18, 2013

Retreats for Women

I hosted my 3rd retreat for women on Saturday.  The beautiful weather combined with the gorgeous venue at Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens was the ideal setting for the retreat.  6 ladies joined me on retreat, and I was very blessed to have my special friend Lynn, co-hosting with me.
I see art and creativity as a special gift that I give to myself, and it brings such joy to my life.  That's part of what I share with the ladies on retreat.  I love it when the 'non-artists' discover how easy it is to make art, and they then fall in love with paint and doodling and pottering around with art supplies.  My sister, Caron, kept saying "I can't believe I made that!!"  Awesome...
The end of a beautiful day - Alison, Caron, Lynn and Lynette

Lynn and I - her support and encouragement means sooo much to me!

Lynn made these delicious cupcakes with hidden centers

 Wendy and her very talented daughter Linda, who is doing a Masters degree in Art Therapy in Edinburgh

Lynn, Marlene and Kalnisha

Kalnisha and Marlene

My beautiful sister, Caron

Marlene painting hearts

Promise books

Linda's heart cards

Lynette's heart cards

Marlene's heart cards

Wendy's heart cards

Caron's heart cards

Kalnisha's heart cards


  1. What a fantastic day we had ... and you are right the artist that comes out in each lady is phenomenal!!! You are a true artist my friend!!!

  2. What a stunning art retreat...and gosh, you do have a wonderful collection of stamps.

  3. Looks like a wonderful way to get arty ;-)