Friday, August 30, 2013


Just some random thoughts this windy Friday afternoon (a cold front is on its way - just in time for Spring!)...

  • as my work world spins faster and faster, I think about spending more time dedicated to my creative practices - scrapbooking, art journalling, playing with mixed media, doodling, crocheting....
  • I'm excited about joining Tanya's quarterly crafting group - a gathering of handcrafters who knit, crochet, bead and just generally a bunch of ladies who love making stuff
  • I'm starting to think about buying / making Christmas gifts - I always prefer to be mindful about choosing gifts for my loved ones, rather than a last minute rush in December
  • I'm freeing up some diary space to spend time with my mother, who needs love and comfort and care and kindness as she battles the ravages of age
  • I love facilitating Retreats for Women, but I think about how much extra time I would have available if I didn't do this in 2014...time that I could use for exploring and replenishing my own artistic heart
  • I want to go birdwatching again; I want to see the new green leaves and pink buds of spring on the trees; I want to be 'out there' in nature
  • I am desperate for a short bush break - to hear the sound of nightjars and jackal and owls and hippo's snorting
  • I want to play in this book from Dyan Reaveley which arrived recently on my doorstep from London...


  1. Very thought provoking post my friend!!!! I am looking forward to the hand craft group as well. Glad to hear that you are going to spend time with your Mom.

  2. There is so many possibilities with spring and summer coming soon.