Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What's on your...

This is a list that's doing the rounds, including on the blogs of Ali Edwards and Wilna Furstenburg.  Here's my list...
VANITY  |  La Source body cream
PERENNIAL TO DO LIST  |  try new recipes, unclutter, exercise, back up my photos, keep in touch with friends and family
REFRIGERATOR SHELVES  |  low-fat milk, yoghurt, parmesan cheese and eggs
ITINERARY  |  planning a holiday to Cape Town in spring, a little trip to the Northern Cape with my family, and a scrapbooking retreat to Good Shepherd
FANTASY ITINERARY  |  Visit Disney and do a cruise to Alaska
PLAYLIST  |  Kongos and Lumineers
NIGHT STAND  |  "A Sweethaven Christmas" by Courtney Walsh and "Power Prayers" by Jackie Johnson
WORKOUT PLAN  |  walking, kickboxing and a little bit of weight training at home
IPHONE  |  email, WeatherSA app, WhatsApp and sms messages
TOP 5 LIST  |  art journalling, scrapbooking, reading, crocheting and I need another back massage
BUCKET LIST  |  being healthy enough to see Elizabeth and Katie grow into young ladies, travel to Macchu Picchu, and live in an eco-estate where it's safe to walk in a beautiful environment
MIND  |  don't get involved in other peoples' drama, be kinder than necessary, drive slowly and considerately
BLOGROLL  |  my top 4 are Ali Edwards, Dispatch from LA, Tall Tales from Kansas and Kelly Rae Roberts
LIQUOR SHELF  |  white wine, Johnny Walker Black and Coffee Liquer
LAST CREDIT CARD STATEMENT  |  Studio Calico monthly kit
SCREENSAVER  |  Ruby, my beloved furry child
TV EVERY NIGHT  |  MasterChef Australia, Mike & Molly, Amazing Race, CNN and Sky News
What's on your list?

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  1. Interesting list my friend. Would love to do Macchu Picchu with you.