Sunday, August 19, 2012

Around here

Food | I tried this arabica coffee chocolate from CNA, it's awful and very expensive.

Drinking a bit more water.  I love plain water, but battle to drink much when it is so cold in winter.  Spring is coming...

Travel | I'm packing for 2 trips this week - a short business trip to Cape Town, and then a trip to visit my family next weekend to celebrate Elizabeth's 3rd birthday

Ruby | I bought a new scratch pad for beloved miss Ruby.  She does not yet love it

Creative | I'm enjoying Vicki Boutin's new book called Creative Foundations.  Some nice techniques to try on my next project.  Maybe I'll teach the scrapping girls something fun when we gather at the Good Shepherd Retreat in September

Bible Study | I've joined a new group of ladies at Honeyridge Baptist Church to do a 50-week study by Beth Moore on the fruit of the spirit

Garden | spring is coming.  I'm watering and feeding my garden, and looking forward to seeing how the new garden blooms as the warmer weather arrives.  I think that it's been neglected for a really long time.  Methinks it will become a place of peaceful beauty for my family, friends, Ruby and I.  I'm saving a patch for missy Elizabeth to do some planting and messing in the mud

 Ruby loves catnip, otherwise known as kitty-dagga!



Rock roses 

Rose-Marie | I gave permission for my late sister's image to be used in a marketing campaign by Cancervive to raise funds.  If you live in South Africa, please fill up with petrol at a Caltex garage and vote for 'people living with cancer' to win (Cancervice is competing against 2 other charities)

we miss you so much Rosie...


  1. Hi Alison, what a lovely informative Blog, well done, you have described so much. Take care, Pat

  2. That is a wonderful catch up post...I love the look of the book by Vicki Boutin.

  3. I am surprised that the chooclate wasn't so good ... the packaging makes it look like something that must be tried. Enjoy your trip to Cape Town and then your get away with Princess Elizabeth.