Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It's important to stick together

Before my dad passed away, he spoke about how we as family should stick together.  He lived in a small town and couldn't understand why we (brothers, sisters, cousins) who all live in Johannesburg saw each other so seldom.  I explained that we all have busy lives and even though we don't live far apart, it takes ages to get together because of the crazy-mad Joburg traffic. 
But about 2 years ago, I really started making an effort to connect with my family, to see my tribe more regularly.  It doesn't always work out and people do often cancel at the last minute, but it is so worth it.  Ok dad, I get it - it's important to stick together.
This was a family lunch in December at Buitengeluk restaurant in Fourways, Johannesburg...
My brother Shaun and sister Caron 

Shaun, my cousin Bev, my niece Jamie and Caron 

My youngest niece, Anna

Bev with her daughter Amy and husband Richard 

My cousin Owen and oldest niece Melissa 

My sister-in-law Leanne with Anna 

Sisters Jamie and Anna - these sweet girls are gorgeous and totally adorable; they love spending time together and they are so kind to each other

My brother Shaun, nephew Nicholas and cousin Owen - they whined and moaned about how "they don't do photos" - I ignored them

Anna and Jamie with their Santa sacks

Shaun with his family of gorgeous feisty girls

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  1. Awesome photos Ali ... you are really good at getting people together ... well done on keeping up with your Dad's wish for a family connection.