Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas prezzies

I always start Christmas shopping early just so that it's not such a rush and financial burden in November and December.  I really enjoy buying gifts for my little nieces.  As they grow up, they will probably roll their eyes and be disgusted at the gifts from their 'old Aunty', but for now, I'll enjoy spoiling them!
Ever heard of a 'flipazoo'?  No, me neither.  It's the cutest soft toy cum pillow...

It's one animal (in this case, a dragon for miss Katy), and if you 'flip it's bum over it's head', it becomes something else - a unicorn.  So cute!

Tadaaa!  It's now a unicorn

A dog flipazoo for miss Elizabeth

My nieces Jamie and Anna get t-shirts with fairy wings 

I had these cute santa sacks made for the girls


1 comment:

  1. LOVE those flipazoos - never seen them before.

    Believe me they will never get tired of their Aunty Ali!!!