Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hooked on crocheting

While we were down in Durban, Leonie and I visited Be Inspired; if you love yarn, this place is heavenly!  I wanted to learn some new crochet stitches; Be inspired sell little sampler kits which are great for getting comfortable with new stitches.  But we didn't just buy the kits and buzz off.  We hijacked Chantal's shop and her time and she did a 3-hour lesson for us - it was wonderful.  Thank you Chantal!  And did I mention that she's a cat person - uh huh.  Peeka is the perfect crochet cat - he snoozes on the table and doesn't chase the wool.  I forgot to get a photo of him

Leonie and Chantal (Whiteford) choose wool for a blankie for Mr. Jackson - Leonie's 4-legged child 

Thank you Chantal for a gorgeous morning spent in your home! 

I bought scheepjes wool to make a lap blanket in the ripple stitch

How clever is that - an easy-start tag!  Love it

We started crocheting our blankets while watching the American election results (seriously America - WHAT were you thinking??)

Yup - we are now both hooked on rippling.  Did I mention that Be-Inspired delivers country-wide?  If you love crocheting or knitting, sign up for their newsletter; they do road trips offering workshops in other provinces

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