Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Documented Faith Project 2015

I need to make stuff and be creative.  Often.  It's my way of dealing with extreme pressure and stress in my life, mostly work-related.  I don't always have the time to scrapbook (which will always be my first love craft), but I potter around with mixed media very nicely while doing other things.  I never sit down and make an art journal page.  I tend to spray some inks or lay down some paint in my journal while I'm cooking dinner and then walk away and let it dry.  I come back an hour or a day later and add some stamping and doodles, and then unload the dishwasher.  Art journaling is something I do in-between and around other things, and it suits me perfectly.  I'm a 'potter-around' art journaller.
I've been following the Documented Life Project randomly during the year.  I love the idea of DLP, even though I don't use the moleskin diary which is used in the project.  Stephanie Ackerman is taking the idea of documented life a step further in 2015 and is offering the Documented Faith Project.  It's free and it's easy; just sign up by email and join the Facebook Group.  Go take a look; it's awesome goodness.

all images from Stephanie Ackerman

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  1. You are always so creative my friend ... I am definitely going to sign up for 2015 and see where it takes me.