Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Botanical Gardens

It's a tradition to start the new year with a walk at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, and this year was no different.  Lynn and I met at the Gardens at 8 on 1 January 2015, and strolled in beautifully cool weather.

We tried out the new outdoor gym - it's lovely and lots of fun!

The wild flowers are gorgeous at this time of year!

We then strolled up the hill, past a tortoise (going up the steep hill!) to the waterfall. 

It was starting to rain by now so we headed to the restaurant for a light breakfast.
I love this place!  It makes me happy to start each year here


  1. I love it too ... thanks for starting out the year with me my friend.

  2. LOL! This is take 2 for me...I have seen these photo's on Lynn's page too. Lovely memories.