Thursday, June 12, 2014

Scrapbooking Retreat

the 5 Scrap Addicts are heading out this weekend from Friday to Monday for our Winter Scrapbooking Retreat.  Lynn and I will be staying on for the rest of the week and we hope to get a ton of scrapbooking done.  We've always wondered if we'd get sick of scrapbooking if we scrapped for a whole week, so let's see how we do. 
The packing for the week has been a major undertaking, and I'm sure that I will need a trailer to get all my supplies to the retreat location!  I have pre-packed about 34 layouts to do during the week.


  1. Oh my word. All that packing looks tiring. Hope you have a wonder time.

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  3. Well done my friend ... My packing is going to look like a w#o$e's handbag!!! but I will be there and ready to scrap up a storm!!!!

    Can't wait to see you tomorrow afternoon!!!