Saturday, June 28, 2014

Scrapbook layouts

Here are a few more scrapbook layouts from our recent retreat, as well as a few other photos...

Lynn and I have been friends for evah! 

Linda is the youngest member of the Scrap Addicts group; we're keeping her around to help us when we're old and gray and then we'll be known as the Zimmerframe scrapbooking gang!


Lynn gave us each a gift of beautiful socks with hearts on them,
and a box of vanilla latte's 

the beautiful sunset on one of our afternoon walks to stretch out our aching muscles

Lynette designed the layout above as her scrap kit for everyone - gorgeous! 

the layout above is one of my favourites from the week of scrapbooking 

Lynn designed the lovely layout above as her scrap kit 

Linda designed the layout above as her scrap kit;
Lynn brought her sewing machine along for stitching on the page



  1. What a lovely post my friend.

    GORGEOUS layouts that I am proud to say I have an interpretation of in my scrapbooks.
    I was very happy when I wore the heart socks that they are super comfy!