Sunday, June 22, 2014

Scrabooking Retreat

I spent the whole of last week scrapbooking at Good Shepherd with the Scrap Addicts - total bliss!

Our June scrap challenge - everyone designed a double page layout, which they provided in kit form for all the ladies.  Our Scrap Addicts group is sooo talented!

The best things about scrapbooking for a week:
* scrapbooking for a week
* catching up and getting a lot of pages done (52 completed pages and another 6 pages that just need photos!!)
*  spending time with my special friends
*  great conversations
*  not having to cook, clean, work or drive in traffic every day
*  slow, gentle days
*  the gorgeous view over the dam
*  going for a walk every afternoon

The worst things about scrapbooking for a week:
*  missing Ruby
*  constant back ache
*  very cold bathrooms in the old convent
*  barking dogs at night

I LOVED this week away, and hope that we can make it an annual event!


  1. An awesome time away, so well spent with special friends. Just love all your beautiful creative designs.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. I LOVED the week of scrapbooking ... just needed to be followed by a week of doing nothing!!!!