Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend in review

I got to spend most of the weekend at home, which was really great.  I've been away a lot lately, so things back up at home - piles of books and things to be put away build up everywhere, and I get frazzled at the clutter in every corner. 
I just did some 'jobs' on Saturday morning - a bit of shopping and running errands, and then I hosted a late lunch for friends.  This was a belated Thank you to my friends who helped me pack up my home over a year ago, and move to my current home.

Lunch was a tasty mexican feast

Fiery hot birds eye chillies for Andy

Richard and I - Lynn and Richard helped me unpack in my new home and installed new plug points, lights and they did a ton of other "settling-in" jobs - thank you!

Lynn, Lynette and Andy.  Lynette and Andy helped me pack up the kitchen and scrapbook room in my old home.  Andy said that he packed 2 boxes of kitchen supplies and 30 boxes of scrapbooking supplies - hilarious!

Lynn and Richard brought these beautiful roses for me - thank you!

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  1. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon/evening ... the food was lovely and the company was great.

    We really enjoyed helping you settle into your new home and it gets more beautiful with each passing day.