Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend in review

I love my weekends.  It's my time to move more slowly and thoughtfully, to connect with me, to connect with friends and family, to potter around at home a bit, and to forget about the craziness of my work

This weekend started early with a visit to the iStore in Sandton on Friday morning with Leonie to shop for iPads.  We are late bloomers in the technology space.  And loving it

And then my friend Pat persuaded me to visit the Hobby-X show at the Northgate Dome with her on Saturday morning.  There was nothing really "wow" at the show but we had such fun strolling around, chatting to people we know, and meeting some new people

I did NOT go Hobby-X to buy curry spices but Yudhika's stall made us open our purses.  She makes an 8-minute chicken breast curry, it was delicious!  With Winter on the way in South Africa, Pat and I both bought the set of spices and the cookbook. 

I bought a few scrapping odds and ends at Hobby-X, but nothing significant or exciting

The highlight of my weekend was lunch on Sunday at ROOTS restaurant with my friends Julius and Gisela.  Oh..My..Word!!  This award winning restaurant is outstanding!  The 6-course meal took 4 hours to enjoy.  We opted to do the wine-pairing where a different wine is served with each course.  A visit to Roots is pure indulgence but so worth it as a special treat.  Here are some of the dishes that we enjoyed...

The cauliflower soup was unbelievably good

I didn't love the salmon trout and beetroot, but found it interesting

Goose liver pate with pear and apple

Blueberries and gorgonzola foam with cashew nuts and biscotti

Lemon cheesecake with honeycomb icecream

The building are eco-friendly and have grass growing on the roof!  It looks very rustic but once inside, it's very luxurious


  1. You really fitted a great deal of quality events into your weekend. It was nice popping into you at Hobby-X.

  2. I have never been to Hobby-X but my sister in law was there this weekend...I would seriously hurt my budget if I ever had to go there.

    The food looks so pretty and appetizing.

  3. Lovely stories, loved the Roots restaurant and the menu.
    Hobby-x was great, thanks for going with.
    You mentioned to me on Saturday that I need to take photos of my stuff that I bought, and use it in my blog. I have taken the photos, now just need to blog.

  4. Sounds like a fantastic weekend. Roots sounds amazing.