Thursday, March 8, 2012

Layout to share

My friend Leonie and I enjoyed an awesome trip to Italy last year.  We joined a wonderful group of Americans, Jim West and Ali Edwards on a scrapping, photographic, foodie trip through Tuscany.  I wanted to share this story with other South Africans by writing an article for a local scrapbooking magazine. 

Truthfully...I wasted my time in writing the article, carefully documenting locations and dates and interesting facts.  I created a layout to go with the article.  I shouldn't have bothered.  The response from the magazine editors was disinterest and a long list of conditions around photo and file sizes.  And then they lost my article and layout.  After many emails back and forth, I gave up and decided that I'm absolutely fine with being an unpublished scrap artist.

So I'm sharing my page with my blog readers - I know that many of you will enjoy it, and you may copy it as much as you like.


  1. Stunning layout and I am sure your journaling wit the story behind the pics you sent in, even made it more meaningful and interesting. Shocking how we are sometimes treated. I often get the feeling that its not what you know, but who you know ....

  2. Oh Alison, that is not nice, to have done all that hard work, and then to be turned down with all different special requests. The page is stunning, and I am quite sure that this page means more to you personally, than having to share it with some magazine, where people might not appreciate the effort and time you went to, in creating this page. Keep up the good work.


  3. Yup...that sounds so typical of the local scrapbook industry. I would have loved to read your journaling. Your layout is beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous layout ... definitely one to copy. I look forward to reading your journalling. Perhaps you could share your article with us?