Monday, December 19, 2011

Week-end in review

A lovely busy weekend...

Had brunch with the Fitness Warriors at Lifestyle on Saturday morning.  We have been training together for a year - go us!!  Miss Boo, Natasha (our kick-boxing trainer), Alison, Bridget and Gisela.

Bridget and her daughter Bothlale (Miss Boo)

After visiting my sister in hospital on Saturday afternoon, I had an early dinner with my friend Cathy and her two 10-week old sons, Oliver and Valentino.  They are sooo cute!

I walked at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens on Sunday morning with Richard, Lynn and Connor

The beautiful fever tree

this flower looks like a bug with a little face and wings - too gorgeous

... and then we had brunch at Harrie's in Pretoria East

Lynn and Richard

I had a pancake filled with chicken livers and a delicious pepper sauce, and then Lynn and I shared a caramel and banana pancake.  I don't want to know how many calories I consumed on Sunday morning!

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your ginger mary T-shirt and those shoes are to die for!!!!