Monday, January 23, 2017

Remembering Granny Mary

I have wonderful memories of my paternal granny - Mary Drysdale.  She was a very competent homemaker, she baked beautifully and was very skilled in terms of handcrafts - she knitted and crocheted all our jerseys when we were children. 
After my grandfather passed away, she travelled overseas extensively until she was almost 80 (hmmm - thanks gran for passing on the travel bug!).  I have a very real comforting sense that she's with me in spirit in my home. 
I recently got gifted granny Mary's original chest of drawers from my cousin Owen.  It is gorgeous; I just need to replace the drawer handles.  I've replaced the old pine sideboard (donated to the SPCA charity shop) in my dining room with my Gran's chest of drawers. 
Out with the old and in with the (even) older

I also have my gran's cutlery set and kitchen utensils in the original cutlery box.  My connection to my beautiful granny Mary is now even stronger.

Such great memories...miss you gran.

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  1. LOVE these beautiful items which remind you of your Granny Mary my friend.

    Use them with love and pride!!!