Friday, October 14, 2016


The weather turned cold on Saturday night while at Mountain Sanctuary Park, and the wind was howling on Sunday morning.  Despite the weather, we went for a walk down to the rapids before packing up and heading home late morning.

Reflections on MSP : I'm 15 years older now so I didn't enjoy 'roughing it' as much as I used to.  We deliberately booked huts without bathrooms as an introduction to camping for the girls, but the lack of bathrooms irritated the adults more than the kids, so next time, we'll book chalets with all the amenities.  It's really hot at MSP so I think it will be better to visit in Autumn when it's a bit cooler.  I loved being with my family and it worked well having Boo and Bridget with us; we really enjoy their company so we will definitely arrange another getaway together in future.

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