Monday, October 10, 2016

Mountain Sanctuary Park

Our visit to Mountain Sanctuary Park was a walk down memory lane.  We used to come here a lot many years ago to camp and relax.  We haven't been to MSP for about 15 years, so decided it was time to bring the little people for a visit.
We stayed in 'cosy huts' - in reality, just wooden zozo huts with a window, but the layout was great and very well equipped. 

My friend Bridget Sutton and her daughter Boo joined us for the weekend.  We went for a long walk after breakfast on Saturday morning, and the girls swam at Fountain Pools.
Settling down around the fire on Friday evening after arrival - the girls were very excited to rekindle their friendship

Boo and Elizabeth

Miss Katy and her dad Robbie 

The water was icy so the girls warmed up and dried off on the rocks


Tonia and Bridget

It was a good day in Africa

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  1. Oh WOW!!!! What a walk down memory lane!!! Gorgeous photos my friend.

    I think a visit is in order!!!