Thursday, September 8, 2016

The good, the bad and the ugly

I don't eat out that often but when I do, I expect reasonably good service and a fairly decent meal.  This year alone, I've probably had the 3 worst meals ever, but also some excellent food.  Here is my list...
The Excellent list
Café Del Sol in Bryanston and Olivedale - outstanding!  This is hands down my all time favourite group of restaurants
*  Gibsons Burgers at the Waterfront in Cape Town make the best burgers in South Africa - seriously!  Plus a zillion kinds of milkshakes
*  The burgers at RocoMamas are delish
Lamb Ragout at Café del Sol
The Good list
*  The Falafel is really good at Anat in Sandton City
*  The Meat Company in Montecasino - steak of course
*  Nothing beats a Wimpy breakfast
*  Tasha's Café in Mandela Square, Sandton
*  The food at Spur is fine for what it is - a reasonably good meal (I usually have steak or a burger) with childcare thrown in for free
Krunch salad bar in Sandton City serves good healthy fast food
Tuc 'n Tap is a new restaurant in Boskruin
Nougat cheesecake at Café del Sol
The Bad list
* Urban Angel used to be fantastic when they opened 4 years ago, but their food has not been great for quite a while now; pity as it's a great restaurant serving local organic food
*  The coffee and lemon meringue pie at Mugg & Bean are great, but I've never had a good meal there
Gourmet Garage in Montecasino is ok, but definitely not as good as they were a few years ago
*  Mikes Kitchen in Klerksdorp served up a piece of coal which they insisted was a steak
Pantelis pizzeria is a new restaurant in our area and I've really tried to give them a chance but after 3 bad meals, they are a definite no-go on my list
*  The vegan food at Leafy Greens was just not to my taste
The buffet at Leafy Greens 
The Ugly list
my 3 worst meals ever are...
*  a lasagna meal at a scrapbooking event held at a school on the West Rand
Khai Thai at Montecasino - we had 3 different kinds of noodle dishes which all tasted the same and were really really bad
*  a rib eye steak at Urban Angel

 Breakfast at Urban Angel is still good


  1. Thank you for voting Gibson's as one of your favourites

  2. I have to agree on the Gibson's burgers and milkshakes! Awesome!
    Got a new favourite burger but it is rather far to go and eat one ... It is called Carl's Jnr in New Zealand and Richie found his favourite at Burger Fuel ... which for me was good but not great.