Thursday, September 29, 2016

Scrapbook retreat in the bushveld

What's not to love - a bushveld getaway plus scrapbooking.  I arranged a scrapbooking retreat for 9 ladies to Zaagkuilsdrift Lodge last weekend and it was heavenly.  The food was excellent, the weather was perfect and the company was outstanding.  I definitely scrapbooked a lot slower than usual because of all the chats and idea sharing...I loved it!

Arina, Linda and I 

Lara teaches us the 'camera pout' -  put your tongue up against your palate...nah, not for me

the reception room became our scrap room 

 Lynn and I

aaah...sunset in Africa - gorgeous!

wild kudu near the lodge

I saw a cardinal woodpecker making a nest 

Leonie and I

Meet Elvis, a hand-reared kudu bull.  Soon after birth, he got stuck in deep mud so his mom was forced to abandon him.  He now lives in the bird sanctuary

Lara and Karen 

I got home on Sunday afternoon totally exhausted but very happy. 
Must do this again soon.

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  1. Thanks for arranging this heavenly weekend for us Ali ... It was the perfect weekend!