Friday, July 8, 2016

Scrapbooking retreat

It's no secret, our Scrap Addicts group loves scrapbooking at the Good Shepherd Retreat.  The catholic convent sits high on a hill in Magaliesburg overlooking Hartebeespoort dam.  The views are soul-healing to me, and I love spending time with these ladies...doing what I love.

On a very cold June 16 public holiday, we each drove through very thick scary mist to get to Magaliesburg, where we met at Jasmyn for breakfast.  The gardens were gorgeous.!

With full tummies, we headed to Good Shepherd Retreat to start scrapbooking




wearing my very happy face because I'm so happy to be here! 

There are 3 kitties at the convent and they generally seem to be reasonably well cared for.  Leonie and I always spoil them by bringing along kitty biscuits; the kitties love it when we visit 

and we walked...and walked.  I needed to keep active and log steps on my fitbit, so we did lots of quick short walks, and a few longer walks up the steep hills


We'll be back in December for our Christmas scrapbooking retreat.  Best of all, the retired 5th member of our Scrap Addicts group (Lynette) will be flying in from Cape Town to join us - yaaay!

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  1. Another awesome weekend spent at my favourite place. Can't wait for our December scrap with Mrs O~!!!