Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Pizza Hut used to be in South Africa years ago, and then disappeared for several years.  It reopened recently so for old times' sake, I tried out a pizza over the Easter weekend.  Dis-gus-ting!!  It was very expensive for a soggy mess, I couldn't differentiate the taste of the mushroom, peperoni and pineapple, and the tomato base was so strong and very acid - it overpowered everything.  Awful.  I won't do that again.

I'm loving this little book of prayers; it focuses my monkey brain when I want to pray and my mind is too busy

I'm totally in love with Salvia Hotlips - it makes me so happy to see this plant in my garden and the name is perfect for it!

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  1. We loved Pizza Hut when they were in SA previously and even more when we tried it in Germany. I have not tried it since they are back as I had heard how terrible they are ~ So sad that a brand that had such a good name before can go so bad.

    Connor tried Domino's Pizza twice this past week as they opened in across the road from his college in Randburg and he says they are amazing. My favourite at the moment is Pizza Del Forno.

    Salvia is such a happy little flower ... glad she is giving you such joy in your garden.