Thursday, November 6, 2014

Weekend in Review

I didn't have my camera with me last weekend, so all photos taken with my iPhone 4 (shock horror! yes I still love my old iPhone and couldn't be bothered with upgrading until this one crashes).  Many of the photos are blurry, but I've included them anyway...

 I had breakfast at the Whippet in Linden on Saturday morning with my friend Gisi.  I've heard so much about the Whippet, so I did expect it to be a really good experience.   Breakfast was ok, not great, and the service was very poor (slow and inattentive).  The lunch menu looks good, so I may go back if I'm in the area, but I won't go out of my way to go there again.

I then went to Arthur Bales to get fabric for some tops that I'm having made, and to get crochet hooks for my sister.  Arthur Bales is a heavenly place for crafters!

My final stop for the morning was to get 12 bags of pebbles and some plants for a garden project in our townhouse complex.  I unloaded every (heavy!) bag of pebbles, 4 bags of compost and the plants at home.  Ouch!!  I was lucky that I had a back massage scheduled on Saturday afternoon to ease my aching muscles!

I spent the rest of the weekend at home, doing gardening, crocheting and making art.  And I washed out the freezer and made a list of what's in it.
The weekend ended off on Sunday night with 2 hours of load-shedding - ugh!  It is sooo unproductive and frustrating.  I ended up reading in bed on my kindle by headlamp


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  1. Wonderful weekend update my friend ... Pity about the service at the Whippet ~ I am so frustrated with the obvious lack in training that waiters get and then I think they are surprised when their tip is not good.

    Can't wait to see the gardening project! Love the photo of you with your head lamp however hate why you had to use it ... Loadshedding is so frustrating!!!!

    Believe it or not ... even though my Mother-in-Law lived above Arthur Bales ... I have never ventured into the store. Can't wait to visit it with you!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of Princess Ruby!!!