Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekend in review

I spent most of the weekend doing a home blessing - washing curtains, wiping, washing, dusting, and cleaning out.  Oh my gosh - I'm totally exhausted!

I probably did about 18 loads of washing

and climbed up and down the step ladder 30 or 40 times
(it felt like a 100 times!)

re-hanging clean curtains
a box of recipe books and files to donate to the SPCA charity shop

in-between cleaning and watering the garden, princess Ruby and I enjoyed the warm weather by sitting outside on the patio; I did some crocheting and she slept


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  1. Hello my friend, I am sure you are happy now that the curtains are washed. Glad you got to do a bit of crocheting in between all the work!!! Gorgeous photos especially of Princess Ruby!