Sunday, July 20, 2014

One Little Word

It's 6 months into 2014, so here's a quick update on where I am with my One Little Word for 2014...

*  I'm exploring a year-long journey in gratitude - a monthly journal works for me.  Doing a daily list tends to overwhelm me and become just another thing on my very long 'to do' list.  I'm noticing that I'm very grateful for the little things
*  I'm exploring wellness options for the next third of my life, researching what will work for me and what positive changes will stick, talking to a wellness coach.  I want to tell a new story about my wellbeing; I'm frustrated with my usual story of being too tired / no time / no energy
*  I've explored several new recipes, some of which I've loved (like Matt Preston's lamb casserole in pineapple juice - delish!), and some that have been nasty (tuna casserole - what was I thinking?!)
*  I've explored a few new places like Balata Restaurant (photo's below with my friends Pat and Cathy) and the Bryanston Organic Market, both of which were terribly disappointing

*  I'm exploring the concept of acceptance and making peace with the way things are for a while.  I love my home but the townhouse complex is badly managed and maintained, so I feel compelled to sell and move on.  But I'm not sure where I want to live so for now, I've made peace with here I am for a while. 
*  I'm exploring possibilities for having a 'big birthday' year for 12 months in 2015, not just the usual celebrations in my birthday month, but possibly going to Alaska, undertaking a 'big year' of birdwatching (starting my bird list at zero on my birthday and seeing how many birds I can identify in 1 year),  doing a year of Random Acts of Kindness, having a birthday treat on the 17th of every month for 12 months (yeh baby!)...hmmm, I think that I need a list of 50 things to do in 2015
*  and art supplies - I'm exploring with new and old art supplies and doodles - love this

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  1. Interesting post my friend. I wish you peace and joy as you explore what it is that you most want.