Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bubble of Comfort

I travel a lot.  When I travel, I try and create  a 'bubble of comfort' around me which makes things a bit easier and more comfortable while I'm away from home

Even if I'm away for only one night, here's what I always take along:
*  I always take proper pyjamas and slippers along
*  a tracksuit, warm top, T-shirt, socks and takkies to change into when I get to the hotel at the end of a long day
*  my favourite coffee, cappuchino sticks and sweetener
*  a warm shawl to wrap around my shoulders in the aeroplane
*  something to read - my kindle, iPad and a magazine
*  chargers for all my electronics
*  I often take a small crochet or art journaling project along on longer trips
*  my personal journal
*  various medication and multivitamins
*  I make sure that I have a few Atkins protein / energy bars in my briefcase
*  I always take a yogisip along for an early breakfast on the way to the airport or on the 2-hour drive to visit family; I'm usually not hungry, but I know that I'll struggle later if I don't have something to eat

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  1. Such a nice "guideline" on how to pack for comfort my friend.