Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Scrapbook layouts

Here are a few of my recent scrapbooking layouts...

 Original page designed by Lynette Olivier

 Original page designed by Leonie van den Berg

Original page designed by Linda Wood

I say 'original page designed by...' because I always change layouts to fit my photos; I never make my photos fit the page, that doesn't work for me
Each of these pages was designed by one of the Scrap Addicts.  We have a quarterly 'challenge' to each design and make up a scrapbook kit for the group; these ladies are hugely talented!  Because of the awesome quarterly kits that we receive and our regular monthly scrapbooking date, we have not felt the need to attend scrapbooking classes for a long time.  We would rather spend our money on buying supplies and designing our own pages.

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  1. Gorgeous pages as usual my friend. Thanks for always challenging us to do things differently.