Thursday, May 8, 2014

Democratic duty

Yesterday was election day in South Africa, and I was really proud to be voting.  I voted at around 1pm, and queue wasn't bad.  50 minutes from the time I parked my car until the time I voted.  YES for democracy in South Africa.  I'm really praying that the opposition parties give the ruling party a kick in the pants, so that they finally pay attention to the concerns of citizens!

...and then the rat story - I've been kept awake at night for several weeks now by rats in the roof of my home.  It is beyond frustrating and irritating.  Apparently as soon as it gets cold, the rats come out of the ground and look for warmth in peoples' homes.  I paid a large chunk of cash to Roof Rats to have my roof rat-proofed.  It took several hours - the guys first vacuumed the ceiling (and removed a dead rat!), and then added mesh around the edges to prevent the unwanted visitors.  At 10pm last night, the rats were back - ugh!  Roof Rats will just have to come back and do a better job.


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  1. We voted around 3 and from the time we left our house to coming back was about 40 minutes.

    Ugh!!!! We have the same problem with rats ... we have at least 2 of them who have taken up residence at our house! How frustrating to have had Roof Rats out and the problem is not sorted!!!