Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend in Review

Hello autumn with your falling leaves and whispers of cooler weather.  The windows are a little less wide open and a light blanket covers my feet at night.  Autumn and Spring are my all time favourite seasons of the year.
This weekend was thankfully about slow days, a bit of hooky, some drawing and painting...
I used a flat-iron for the first time (courtesy of a tutorial on youtube), I think I like it

 Simply Asia has just opened near my home - 514 mild with chicken for Sunday lunch - deeelish!

a pretty pink mixing bowl now lives in my kitchen

Lindt Hazelnut bunnies, ready to go as easter gifts (and one for me of course!)

I cleaned the beautiful chandelier in my bedroom

my friend Bridget's aunt made this Owl hot water bottle cover for me - too cute!

my 'learn to crochet' blanket is almost finished; I'll share it with you soon

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful Weekend! Hope the week ahead treats you wonderfully!!