Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I met my friend June several years ago while on a trip to Vietnam.  She was already in her early 70's, and still gallivanting around the world.  Although June lives in Durban and I don't get to see her that often, I'm so pleased that we're still friends after all these years.

June inspires me to...

*   take better care of myself and keep active - June walks and swims most days

*  cook 'real' food - she loves cooking and baking, and we share recipes

*  help other people - June is always involved in various charity activities

*  work hard at maintaining friendships, and she shows me how to be a good friend

*  she encourages me when facing the deteriorating health of my mom - her husband also battled Alzheimer's Disease

June's wisdom and feistiness and sense of humour and pragmatism ground me whenever I get to spend time with her, and I think how much I want to be like her

I love having older women as friends, and I find that I get on easily with many of these wise women.
Love you my friend!

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