Monday, February 17, 2014

Around here

*  I've signed up for the 3030 challenge by Joyce Meyer Ministries - spend 30 minutes a day studying the Bible for 30 days - the goal is to draw closer to God and get into the habit of doing regular Bible study.  It starts on 1 March 2014 and it's free.  Go register now
*  I have an odd shaped body (ok, I know that few real women have 'perfect' bodies) - I have a very small waist and very large hips.  I'm fed up with my clothes not fitting properly, so I took most of my trousers to the tailor to have the waists made smaller.  Oh my gosh, it feels good to have clothes that fit properly!  It's an extra cost but so worth it.
*  I've been keeping a food diary for the last 2 weeks.  Just to observe what I eat and when.  During the week, I do really well - I'm slightly surprised at that.  I can obviously improve my weekday eating, but it's really not too bad.  The biggest challenge is eating dinner really late - I usually get home at around 6pm and by the time I've changed and gone for a 30 minute walk, I only start cooking after 7pm.  I'm  reading up on meal planning to try and be more organized so that I can eat earlier in the evening.  And then weekends - I totally crash and burn!
*  I've been uncluttering my craft room since early December, and I'm almost done.  I've ditched my large paper storage rack in favour of a set of drawers, because of all the dust in my residential area.  The dust was really damaging my 12x12 scrapbooking paper, so the closed drawers are a better way to store my paper, and keep it dust-free

I've been sorting my scrapbooking embellishments - a task that I loathe!
There are so many fiddly bits that I just don't know how to store.
I'm almost finished sorting the embellishments - I have to complete this task soon or I'll go crazy!  I'm frustrated at the time wasted on this task - time that I could be scrapbooking.  Ugh!

The result of the big unclutter is an organized craft room, and two boxes of paper and embellishments to be donated to my nieces' nursery school.

*  A beautiful pile of crochet squares.  I need to make another 3 squares, and then I'll be ready to start sewing my sampler blanket together.  I started learning to crochet late last year, so I am well please with this progress.  My next crochet project is a gorgeous winter shawl made with bamboo cotton, I can't wait to start it.

*  Have you heard of cat shaming?  Search for it on Pinterest (or dog shaming) - it is totally hilarious.  I won't shame my beloved Ruby; instead, I do love messages.  Here is my beautiful Ruby with a cat love message.  Mommy adores you baby girl!!

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Thank you to everyone who leaves comments on my blog!  I promise that I read every comment, and I really appreciate your positive feedback.  It is simply due to time constraints that I don't reply back to each of your comments.


  1. Way to go with decluttering your craftroom. I love the paper drawer cabinet. I totally agree re the dust thats also why I keep most of my papers etc. under cover. Wow, cant wait to see your finished crochet sampler blanket. You have been a busy girl for someone who works fulltime. Ag man and Ruby is just the cutest, with those glorious green eyes.
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    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. Hey my friend, What a wonderful post ... I LOVE the photo of Ruby ... she is absolutely precious.

    Once your embellishments are sorted out you will be very happy and will be able to sort out anything else you bring in. Love the fact that you have so much to donate to Elizabeth's school. The drawers are such a great idea and will definitely keep your paper safe.

    I can't wait to see your blanket put together ... it is going to be gorgeous and the next project is going to be stunning ... You have learned so much in such a short period of time ~ I am super impressed.