Monday, December 16, 2013

it's beginning to feel like Christmas

Hello everyone.  I'm back....after several trips to Cape Town and 1 trip  to gloomy London in November. 
I did some serious thinking about whether or not to continue blogging.  And I've decided that I need to blog for 2 reasons - the main reason is that blogging encourages me to live more mindfully and intentionally.  I pay closer attention to my life.  I think more carefully about documenting my life, and about the stories that unfold each day.  I'm encouraged to look at my life with my eyes wide open.

The second reason that I've decided to continue blogging is because I love to read blogs; to take a peek into other peoples' lives and get new ideas and perspectives.  So it's only fair for me to also share a peek into my own life.  And so I will continue to share my stories with you about my life, my art and my faith.
 It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas around here.  Another 4 days of working and then I have a few days off work until the new year - yay! 

Hope your December is happy and full of the things you love.
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  1. So glad you decided to continue blogging xxx

  2. Yay!!! Welcome back my friend! I am so happy that you have decided to continue blogging!!! I have missed your posts!

  3. Welcome back Alison - its great to see a post on here. I've been blogging since 2001 (I think) with my blog changing directions, countries and focus. I also think at times its good to simply step away and come back when you feel ready. That one of the things i love, the freedom to choose when or if I blog.

    May your Christmas be blessed and your New Year happy and healthy.