Monday, July 1, 2013

a little garden project

I have not done any 'serious' gardening for many years, but having a new home with a rubbish garden means that I am inspired to roll up my sleeves and get busy.  This weekend, I 'renovated' a little piece of mess at the entrance to my townhouse...

This messy patch was filled with broken, uneven bricks
and awful pots that were painted purple!  The gardener
cleaned and levelled off the space for me

the pots were repainted a terracotta colour, I laid down a piece of mesh to prevent the weeds and grass growing, and then surrounded the pots with pebbles.  I just need to buy a few more bags of pebbles to finish off the space


this overgrown hanging basket now looks like this....

and this half-dead basket is now filled with winter pansies

My back is sore and my thigh muscles are protesting, but I'm inspired to keep going.  Summer is just 2 months away...


  1. Awesome little gardening project. It really makes one heart sing, as I am sure you will agree.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. Ali that looks absolutely gorgeous ... what a transformation!!! Well done my friend!!! Remember ... exercise comes in all forms!