Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend in review

I travelled through the most terrible rain and hailstorm on Friday afternoon to the North West Province to be at my beloved niece's first school concert.  It was so worth it.  Elizabeth was a teddy bear in the school concert.
Dad helps the teddy bear get dressed 

Tonia and Robbie with Kataryn 

I battled to get good photos in the dim light, but here is my angel on stage.  She was sooo good

On Saturday morning, Elizabeth attended her first birthday party for a boy in her school.  Lots of firsts and such a big weekend for the little princess 

This sweet baby is miss Kataryn, and she is growing so quickly

Elizabeth took this cute photo of Robbie and I


  1. Oh Ali, It sounds like such a fantastic weekend! Princess Elizabeth gets more beautiful each time I see a photo of her and Miss Kataryn has grown so much!!! I LOVE nursery school and primary school concerts ~ the kids are always so cute.

  2. What lovely photos, Alison, you look like a natural mom, or is that aunt?

  3. Glad you are safe after the driving in bad weather. Gorgeous family pics.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life - my personal blog}