Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 things on 10 October

1. I'm changing camera's from my gorgeous little pink Canon back to my Fuji Finepix. The Canon is so small and convenient, but I haven't been happy with the quality of the photos for a while now, so time to change. The Fuji is also a digital point and shoot, but it's heavier and a bit more bulky
2. I'm making slow but steady progress with early Christmas shopping. I'm buying a gift here and there, and being mindful of my list of gifts to buy makes me take notice when I'm online or in the shopping malls. I like online shopping for a few gifts
3. Move : my one little word for 2012 is move, and I'm doing more of that lately - more walking, some pilates and the regular Monday kick-boxing class.  I've also been seeing Dr. Jacqi Schultz, a homeopath in Parkmore, who has helped me with some chemical imbalances, and I'm starting to feel better than I have in a while.  I want to feel well, but I'm not quite there yet
4. Dreaming : I want to live and work more creatively.  I want to leave the corporate world within the next 2 years, and follow my dreams.  I recently attended a workshop with the Fairy Godmother (Donna McCallum).  The seeds of possibility have been planted on my heart.  I'll share more when the time is right
5. I'm reading The Light between Oceans, highly recommended
M. L. Stedman: The Light Between Oceans
6. We're progressing with the Tuesday night Bible Study at Honeyridge Baptist Church - Living Beyond Yourself by Beth Moore.  I'm not loving the study so I'm working on just surrendering to what God wants to teach me
Beth Moore: Living Beyond Yourself Workbook - Exploring the Fruit Of The Spirit
7. After avoiding it for a really long time, I finally signed up at Groupon.  So far, I have bought a 1 hour garden consultation with a landscaper, and a family photo shoot for 6 people - which I am battling to redeem

8. I am more and more mindful of the wisdom that "you can choose again".  We have just 1 life and our time here on earth is short.  Make it count.  Focus on what's really important

9. You know that I love blog hopping - I am so enjoying the blogs of Tara Mohr and Cheryl Richardson.  These are great sources of encouragement, wisdom, inspiration and comfort

10. Miss Ruby is the child of my heart.  We've had a lot of visitors staying over lately, and lots of people visiting, and she has been sooo good.  She gets a bit nervous and unsure of herself when there are a lot of people around, and she doesn't really let people touch her, but she has been so sweet and adorable and hassle free.  Ruby has also recently had her annual vaccinations, and apart from growling at Doctor Pauline, she handled the doctor's visit like a little star (Doctor Pauline offers a vet on wheels service, so she comes to my home to see Ruby, which is much less traumatic than taking Ruby in the car to see the vet).  Love you so much baby girl!


  1. Such a wonderful post...I might just steal the idea. I have completed light between oceans and 4 other books these past two weeks while on vacation.

    1. I'm convinced we are sisters who've never met and who just live in different cities! Thanks for the positive feedbank Lynette. Blessings to you

  2. What a wonderful idea...."sisters picked up along the way of life is always special." Can you please let me know what you're e-mail address is so that I can send you an invite to my private blog?