Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekend in review

I am still battling the after effects of a kidney infection, so I took it easy this weekend.  Apart from a few errands and a haircut on Saturday, I spent most of the time at home.  I did some slow gardening on Sunday, assisted by gorgeous miss Ruby.  She was having fun in the garden until a stinkbug sprayed her; poor baby! (Mom killed the stinkbug and his friends!)
the rare striped brattus cattus plant 

I don't love Clivias but there are lots of them in my garden left by the previous owners and they are all blooming now, so they get a reprieve before being tossed or moved to the communal garden in the complex

there is no grass in our new garden,
so I got some kitty grass for Ruby - it's good for her digestion 

I even planted some lettuce, spinach and rocket for summer salads

Hello spring...


  1. Beautiful, and Spring is in the air..... very nice flowers. And Ruby is so cute.

  2. Oh Ali, I love the gorgeous striped brattus cattus plant and I so love clivias ~'didn't know you dont like them. Please leave one in the garden just for me!!! and if you do dig them out then I can always plant one in my garden.