Friday, April 8, 2016


I have 5 nieces and a nephew.  I only see 2 of my nieces (Elizabeth and Katy) reasonably often.  It was my sister Caron's birthday over the Easter weekend, and she arranged a family lunch on the Sunday.  I got to spend time with my other 3 nieces (Melissa is 21, Jamie is 5 and Anna is 3) and my nephew Nicholas, who is 18. 

My sister-in-law Leanne with Anna

my step mother Brenda with my sister Caron 

My brother-in-law Frank, nephew Nicholas and my brother Shaun 

 Jamie is such a chilled, relaxed sweetie, so laid back and easygoing
Without being told to do it, she goes to fetch her sister Anna from her class during the school break every day and plays with her - such a wonderful big sister!

my sister Caron with Jamie

Caron with her family 

I love these family photos

I love being an Aunty and a big sister.

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  1. Lovely photos Ali ~ Awesome that you got to spend time with Caron and the family. Your nieces are so precious ~ I see a lovely layout in the making!!